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Hi, I’m Arwa

Originally from Lebanon, working with clients all over the world. I can usually be found in my city apartment, Frappuccino in hand, creating and designing ideas of brands to make them come to reality.

I believe that Design is a form of MAGIC! Clients come to me with random thoughts and ideas, with passion to achieve a long believed dream of theirs, it’s my job to make that dream come true, to turn those all-around unclear thoughts to something people can see, buy , like and believe in.

Working since 2016 I now have a good experience that allows me to advice my clients on what to do and what to not, my love for brands and business made me feel that every brand I make is mine and that is why I try my best to take care of it from the start to the end of the project like my little child.

I like to work with passionate people, who love and appreciate art and design , if you are so the what are you waiting for ? lets do it.

Design with Intention


Let me guide you step-by-step through the design process, andtogether unveil your brand’s true meaning before finally creatinga one of a kind, beautifully cohesive identity for your brand that can truly capture the heart of your dream audience.

Finally feel confident to show off your business and be proud of what it is you do best.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Arwa. I felt like part of her team as soon as I was onboarded. I felt supported during the entire process from discovery call, to onboarding, to wrap-up.

She really took my vision and ran with it, making it even better! The portal provided was a great place for me to access all of my documents. All of my brand products were neatly packaged with such care and organization. I think Kesh and I are OCD twinsies because I’m obsessed with how organized she is. It is inspiring to work with a boss like her.